to be totally plastered, drunk, or sloshed
After a few drinks Ivan Batinich became cross-eyed
by Ivan Batinich December 10, 2008
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When someones eyes look in different directions. Usually one or both eyes will point towards the persons nose.

Usually its caused by a lazy eye, vision problem, retardation, or injury. More common is children than adults.
She would be hot if she wasn't so cross eyed.
by Mikeyboy23 December 3, 2011
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Where a girl gets screwed so hard that her eyes roll around inside of her head so violently that she ends up with cross eyes.
Dan rooted his girlfriend so hard and fast that she finally gave in and made this high-pitched squeaky mouse noise, and the next thing he knows she was cross eyed. Hence the cross eyed screw.
by Jbone1983 May 29, 2009
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Sexual intercourse that is so satisfying that one of the participants temporaryly or perminantly becomes cross-eyed.
Hannah went to the optologist to have her lazy eye checked out, He told her that she had been fucked cross-eyed and that it should return to normal within a week.
by ha haaa December 8, 2014
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The funniest and worst insult you could call a girl.
I called Lillian a Cross Eyed Cunt. She stabbed me shortly afterwards.
by J.N. Growling July 2, 2010
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When you cum so hard that your eyes cross, your legs shake, and you become temporarily crippled.
That girl was so good she gave me a cross eyed crippler.
by peanutbuttermansux August 20, 2016
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