A conservative politician or other public figure caught doing things that he has denounced on record.
Larry Craig is a conswervative, as is Ted Haggard.
by Q47 September 5, 2007
A liberal who appears to be conservative to appeal to the right with conservative sounding promises. However, when voted in, the liberal goes back to his or her liberal ways. A common tactic by the left.
Jon Corzine promised to never raise taxes on New Jersians to appear to be a conservative. He really was a conswervative, showing his true colors when he raised the sales tax to 7% and otherwise broke his promise to never raise taxes.
by Junior J September 19, 2007
A member of the Republican Party who claims to be of “wholesome Christian values,” but really just needs to chill the fuck out or swerve. Generally a cherry-picker of Judeo-Christian faith values. May or may not also be a Karen or Boomer.
1: ‘Murica’s going to Hell! No one respects Christian values, anymore.

2: Didn’t you just get back from your Honey Moon? You know that’s a Pagan tradition, right? Pipe the fuck down, Conswervative.
3: And didn’t that President you voted for have multiple mistresses and wives that he wasn’t ashamed of or quiet about? Okay, Conswervative.
by The Rainbow Codero March 26, 2022
When low on marijuana you resort to alcohol in order to get fucked up.(While in a vehicle; driving)
While in Cancun Mexico, two friends were running low on pot and trying to conserve. Instead of smoking a heat bowl of nug. They decided to get drunk and "conswerve."
by PwnDank August 29, 2009