A paranoia heightened by the belief that unseen forces are organized against one's self or values, or against the general wellfare; persecution fantasy marked by belief that persons perceived negatively by the afflicted are operatives or dupes of real or imagined clandestine organizations.
"I can't talk to that guy anymore; he's gone so conspiranoid, he thinks our landlord is writing reports on his daily movements for the International Kommisariat of Screwing Over Delusional Nutjobs."
by Stephen Couchman November 16, 2006
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A person who is so taken in with conspiracy theories that it impacts their behavior.
Amy announced on Facebook she's leaving it for Parler after the election because she thinks she's being censored because she was an open Trump supporter. She's a real conspiranoid!
by Eulophia Obtusa November 10, 2020
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