Parler is the new safe-space, echo chamber for politically conservative Americans, that emphasizes and protects free speech by blocking and banning anyone who says anything that sounds even remotely liberal.
"Sick of all this 'fact-checking bull shit! Cash me on Parler, how bow dah!?"

"Yes, that's how it works in ... ::checks notes:: Utah.... But have you ever considered maybe stepping outside of that parler bro?"
by Chroooth November 9, 2020
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A grouping of incels or proud boys known for their flighty aspects. Often seen migrating together for the protection of their egoic fragility and to be in sole company of those who can tolerate their love for genocide.
The parler avoided discussing the outcomes of the 2020 US election with the adults. Instead, they fled together to self validate their opinions on white supremecy.
by kokirikun November 24, 2020
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Social media landfill. Whete the trash takes itself out.
I'm leaving and going to parler. Where i can spout lies and Trump-isms
by Justme666truth November 13, 2020
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A place where morally impaired lunatics can spread bullshit theories peddled by Donald Trump.
Moron 1: I have enough of Facebook and their fact-checking. I'm to Parler. There, I can wear my white hood with pride.
by Johan The Destroyer November 25, 2020
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A social media website that claims to let people speak freely without censorship.
Hung out with some right-wing nutjobs on Parler and learned who's really running this country.
by JoeyFreedom November 10, 2020
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Parler is an online platform similar to Twitter and Facebook and puts emphasis on freedom of speech. Parler is known to be less harsh to its users when it comes to censoring content therefore the platform is more open than Twitter and Facebook which appeals to a large number of people on both sides when it comes to politics, religion, history, morality, and the world as a whole.
"Have you tried Parler yet? It's actually a good place to talk about controversial stuff without being censored."
by GoldenEagle13 January 11, 2021
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Facebook for people who believe it's their god-given right to say the N-word!
"Conservative gets banned from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube for saying the N-word

Conservative - Muh free speech, I'm going to Parler to avoid those big tech censors
by anotherstraydingo December 23, 2020
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