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1. sexual contact existing or made by mutual consent
2. a sexual identifier indicating a preference for mutually consensual sexual contact
"I am a consexual bisexual. Would you like to make out?"
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1. Sexual consent in a particular context. Plays off the words 'consent', 'context', and 'sexual'. What is considered consexual in one setting may be rape in another.

2. A sexual orientation where a person has indiscriminate sex with anyone, regardless of sex, race, or creed. They will have sex with anyone who consents. Can be used to describe a person of said orientation. A consexual.
1. Even thought that girl didn't explicitly say "yes" the way she was acting at the party showed that she was consexual.
2. That guy is a total consexual. He will have sex with anyone who will reciprocate.
by das.sprache.meister February 26, 2015
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Combination of the words "consensual" and "sex", to efficiently state them both at the same time. It refers to an act of sex for which both partners have given permission.
Are you ready to get consexual tonight?
by Cristina ASC September 16, 2010
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Consexual-the idgaf sexual you will like someone regardless of gender ,relationship stadis ,relation ,age , and sexuality this will be mostly baced on looks it is verry hard for you to like someone who is not atractive in your eyes and you dont fall in love with someone easly unless they are perfect in your eyes or close this is a conseted sexuality but you cant help it you were born this way.
An example would be "I think im consexual because im in love with my gay *cousin* who has a boyfriend and is 6 years older than me
by ABrendaM April 12, 2017
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