a boy you think is shy, and then you get to know him and think he's an asshole. then you know him even better and you love him more than you can bear, because you realize he's amazing
first impressions can be misleading. He might end up being a conrad
by mobames September 5, 2008
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Conrad is single most caring boy in the world, hes sweet, charming, handsome and makes all the ladies go crazy over him. Conrad knows how to make a girl feel loved and cared for and all the ladies go bonkers for him and he doesn't even know it. Hes cool with his friends and generally everyone likes conrad.
by a hot sexy girl122 November 23, 2021
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bob: hey lyndon isnt your brothers name conrad
Lyndon: yeah
bob:dude thats an awesome name
Lyndon: yeah its short for conradical
bob: really!?!?
Lyndon: yeah
bob: dude thats awesome
Lyndon:*thinking* (thats not what it really means it would be pretty kick ass if it was though.)
by yellow35 April 26, 2008
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to rip the piss out of someone for fun
'If all else fails, then it's time for a conrad'
by Guantanamo July 12, 2006
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It is the perfect adjective for guys. Guys can be radical, and yet they are frequently confusing. Thus, the term "conrad" was born.
"Wow, Kelsey. Daniel is being so friggin' conrad."
by andiamannam June 9, 2005
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A guy who will not only break your heart but in the process act like a complete asshole.
I love him so much but he doesn't seem to care whatsoever.

He's been asking his friends to inquire about me, must be a conrad.
by bitter ex April 27, 2011
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