when a person has no energy left and falls asleep.
turn the lift off im gonna conk out
by devine August 19, 2003
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to suddenly, and without warning, transition from a fully-functional state into a completely non-functional state.
"...and the next thing I knew, he had just conked out, right there in the middle of the room."
by acron^ October 30, 2009
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1) To suddenly be in a state of fully functioning to non-functioning.
1)We drank until we puked and then we all conked out.
3)I heard a pop come from the blender right before it conked out.
by Jacob Perrotta December 28, 2004
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British slang. Meaning

1)To suddenly stop working.

2)To suddenly lose consciousness/fall asleep
My SatNav just conked out!
Don't let her mix weed and booze or she'll throw up then conk out in the middle of the lounge
I was halfway through my twelfth Jaeger Bomb when I conked out
by GManIOM February 12, 2018
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