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One who is/one who has a tendency to, waste time and energy. A congressive person is usually unproductive or when being congressive, are in a general lackadaisical denial of more important stuff they have to do.
If your mate was trying to fix something and got hung up on stuff that doesn't really matter in terms of getting the end desired result, you might say "Come on man! Can you just stop being so congressive man!" or "You're being so congressive! stop doing that and focus on the more important things you gotta do!".

Or.... On a friday evening after having done green tings with your homes and you're all afterburnt and your homie steps in a brother's place of dwelling and be you'd say "aww hell no man, I've been doing nothin for 2 hours man!" to which he'd reply, "maaan, you so congressive, you trippin".
by ltetolcl October 10, 2013
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