Someone that does things based on what others want them to do and how society wants them to be. You are not a conformist if you like a new band or type of clothing, you're a conformist if you like those things cause your friend does.
Loser: You're such a fucking conformist for liking that band! Why can't you like FOB like everyone else?
Me: Right....
by king_wallace January 31, 2006
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this means ur a god damn tool who cant think for your fucking self for once. enough said
those morrons are conformists. bunch of dumb asses who need to belong
by lost in truth August 29, 2010
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1: One who is vain and needs social structures to determine who they are
2: Anyone on TRL
3: One of any social class who follows others ways, without speaking up for their own feelings
That 100 pound cheerleader with bright blond hair and colored contacts is such a fucking conformist.
by Sarah the non conformist December 13, 2003
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What George Bush wasn't when he invaded Iraq in the last war.
I have to get the U.N.'s approval to invade a country? Fuck that, Qatar, Spain, Poland and Great Britain back us, lets fuck up Saddam!
by Elite November 20, 2003
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A term that emo kids often use to describe preps.
"We fucking hate how those preps are all the same, stupid conformists. So we band together and dress in black with excessive amounts of eyeliner and listen to shitty bands like Taking Back Sunday"
by LL Cool Jen October 25, 2009
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