A word denoted to the gaps in our memory that we fill in with a plausable but yet imagined memory.
And no, it's different to a hallucination, as a confabulation can only be retrospective (hallucinations are happening at the time)
"No, that didn't really happen, George. What you have just experienced was a confabulation."

"But i swear that time in year 8 the teacher was wearing huge come fuck me boots to class..."
by Franga February 19, 2008
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To constantly tell obvious lies. Can also be used to describe someone who talks shit. Will always deny being a confabulator
He was lying about going to the Laird Hotel. He was called out as being a confabulator which he obviously denied
by Mikey308 January 17, 2020
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a reaction to memory loss where one fills in gaps of forgotten time with "inappropriate words"
Latoya: "heyyy bob. that was some party last night"

Bob: "oh yeah. i loved the part where... WTF?! OMFG! u beyotch! coffee! WTH?...yup, that was good stuff"

Latoya: "umm...?"

Kayli: "oh don't mind bob, he's just suffering from confabulation. poor guy"
by i<3life August 25, 2009
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Confabulator in Chief - “They stole the election from us!” “I’m intelligent. Some people would say I’m very, very, very intelligent!” “Another reason I’m going to win another four years.....Media will tank if I’m not there!” “I was a great student and all this stuff!”
The Confabulator in Chief still believes the election was rigged by the Democrats and the unfair media and is pressuring the VP to declare the election null and void, allowing him to remains as president.
by Sparrow3502 January 06, 2021
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Adj. Describes a confabulated statement.
N. A fantastic, unbelievable, confabulated memory.
John told me that his brother drove him home, but he was was drunk and his brother lives in Texas, so I'm sure it was a confabulous story.

John said all the girls begged to dance with him, but he was too busy solving world peace. Confabulous!
by Coldsnap_NOLA January 07, 2013
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to congratulate someone on their fabulousness

to become fabulous

to make someone/something (more) fabulous.
I finally got to confabulate my hair yesterday!

by ProfessorHakase June 04, 2013
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