anyone who uses nefarious means to interfere or prevent the contentment, peace of mind, and overall well-being of others

Major assholes are experts at maintaining open lines of communication with their targets’ allies and typically resort to using this association to disseminate slanderous crap and propagate outlandish rumors. Telecommunications technologies (e.g., text messaging, IM, email, etc.) are tools of the major asshole’s trade, and social networking sites and tavern bathrooms are typical venues.

Major assholes usually suffer from delusions of persecution, which cause them to believe that their victims have crossed them, or that victims are in some way responsible for the way their own pathetic lives have turned out.

Most major assholes have not finished college; do not have meaningful relationships; and have very short attention spans, making it very hard to do things like read books.
Man, Jason is going around telling everyone that I get fucked up on drugs, and then proceed to download inappropriate material from the Internet. He is a major asshole.
by Angry UD contributor April 23, 2010
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major league asshole one who is not only an asshole but has the qualification of being an absolute asshole
George w bush used the phrase during his first campaign for president there's Adam Clymer major league asshole from the new york times
by littlejimmie November 18, 2019
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The biggest asshole in the world
Name starting with A or B
The biggest asshole ever with a name starting with A or B
Bradley is a MAJOR ASSHOLE
by Duckface01 August 18, 2019
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The kind of person who puts actual definitions of words straight from the dictionary on this site
I'm just trying to find out what (word) means , but this major asshole is posting the actual definition.
by MartyIsDaGayFagMLG January 23, 2018
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