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To over-estimate how many condiments such as salt, pepper, hot sauce or ketchup packets you needed to bring back with you to your table while dining at a fast food restaurant.

When grabbing way too many self-serve condiments, you become a mix of the words "condiment" and "mental".
Will: "Do we really need this many salt packets?"
Benjamin: "Sorry dude, I went a little bit condimental."
by Joey L dot com April 21, 2009
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When a diner overestimates the amount of condiment he requires, thus causing a large excess to be left on the plate after the meal has been consumed in its entirety.
Ben: Have you copped a load of that peng waitress?

Emile: Yeah. I was thinking of leaving my digits on this napkin for her.

Ben: Good luck. She wouldn't look twice at you given how condimental you've gone.
by Bemile February 26, 2013
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