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An edible substance, such as sauce or seasoning, added to food to impart a particular flavor, enhance its flavor, or in some cultures, to complement the dish.
A: Will you pass me the condiment for my hotdog?

B: Sure, ketchup or mustard?
by Cex January 28, 2012
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The increasingly common street name for poppers. Can be used as a code word when poppers isnt entirely appropriate.
"I'm really in the mood for some condiments"

"Well go to the chippy and get some ; )"
by credit crunch July 16, 2008
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An assortment or array of various drugs or alcohol products gathered to ensure the thirst for one's favorite habit is quenched.
I'm heading for the cabin this weekend with plenty of condiments, don't expect to see me until Monday.
by Gojai August 24, 2017
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