An edible substance, such as sauce or seasoning, added to food to impart a particular flavor, enhance its flavor, or in some cultures, to complement the dish.
A: Will you pass me the condiment for my hotdog?

B: Sure, ketchup or mustard?
by Cex January 28, 2012
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To over-estimate how many condiments such as salt, pepper, hot sauce or ketchup packets you needed to bring back with you to your table while dining at a fast food restaurant.

When grabbing way too many self-serve condiments, you become a mix of the words "condiment" and "mental".
Will: "Do we really need this many salt packets?"
Benjamin: "Sorry dude, I went a little bit condimental."
by Joey L dot com April 21, 2009
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The increasingly common street name for poppers. Can be used as a code word when poppers isnt entirely appropriate.
"I'm really in the mood for some condiments"

"Well go to the chippy and get some ; )"
by credit crunch July 16, 2008
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A pesky prick roommate who always uses up all YOUR condiments. Be careful for these people as they are known for being very slick and sly. They'll use a little here and a little there until it is all gone. Then to top it off they won't tell you they used it so that when you have your meal all ready save for a couple condiments you approach the fridge to find the containers in the fridge all but empty.
Doug: Sucks living with my roommate Tim I can't ever fully enjoy my meal.

Mikey: He one of those condiment thiefs?

Doug: Yeah...

Mikey: What a fuckin' prick
by Mike Schrampfey November 25, 2012
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Superficial assets or attributes of an individual that make him or her more desirable.
I appreciate Brandon for his wit and energy. I don't just keep him around for his car, money, or his other social condiments.
by haribobation April 18, 2009
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one who hoards free ketchup packets, mustard packets, relish, salt, pepper, sugar, and so on. occasionally has tons of free napkins as well.
person 1: hey, you wanna see something?
person 2: uhh, sure i guess.
*pulls out drawer filled with assorted condiments*
by Organplayerdoner December 8, 2011
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Anything you sleep with or need to get to sleep. i.e.: Pillows, blankets, lingerie, teddy bears, blow up dolls, or blow up mattresses.
Don't forget to bring your sleeping condiments when you come for the fourth.
by MamaPea June 26, 2017
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