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A term of endearment. Usually used in the romantic or silly sense. Geared more towars the male of relationships. It can be used interchangably with Pookums,Pookie and Pookus Maximus.



by phorty40 February 22, 2008
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A male rapper with his own studio.
Like to write songs about Beer and killing people , although he is usually seen drinking Bawls and getting killed at vocal duels against vanessa.

In his natural habitat he can be spotted with the allusive Ro-z Rox and the wild Sk1llz.

Note: When these individuals arrange in a trio formation all onlookers should be cautious for they are known to dance in their ritualistic "jump style" fashion as well as insist that other drink Bawls and hit Punching Bags at their demand.

It has also been observed that they respond favorably to Calabria a song that one can only assume is spoken in their native tongue.
The name is Concept not Conflict.

Concept makes writes and produces the music for Vivid Resistance while Roz-Rox and SK1LLZ provide emotional support and the occassional slap on the back.
by phorty40 March 28, 2008
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A DJ , self proclaimed "hacker" and member of Vivid Resistance.

in the wild he is known to give heavey handed back slaps to other members of his native tribe , as described in the Bio for "concept" he is known to dance in ritualistic fashion to calabria in a tradition known as "jumpstyle".

When offended the peculiar Sk1llz engages his eyebrows in a most startling fashion that leads observers to easily recognize the mood he is in.

In addition a rare sign of friendship is communicated not by words but by the tilting of the head a phenomena that onlookers simply call "the tilted head".
"Tilted head" is apparently magical for it has such power over the recieving party that it is impossible for them not to laugh while recieving it.

Although he claims he is a hacker it is unfounded that he has actually hacked anything or anyone.

In instances when mischevious hapenings are occuring it is noted that he appears extremely conspicous and obvious in his affiliation to the crime, making the crime imposible to be performed.

Such attributes that Sk1llz does produce is that he provides Vivid Resistance with a "gamer bed" and a computer with a copy of FL Studio where they create primative music.

The Sk1lz has a peculiar mating habit known only as "phone boning" , this has yet to be studied although no actual fornication is thought to occur.

Sk1llz is also known as Mr.Anthony , Salomy Nipples , and Beast in some occurences.

His natural enemy is the one they call Mr.Aaa.

Nothing is known about that individual as of yet.
by phorty40 March 28, 2008
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