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A person who enters competitons regularly as either a hobby or a career.
She is a comper - she regularly enters competitions to win prizes.
by Tiddalik August 27, 2009
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Comper - noun. Nerd slang for a computer. This term originated from a common typo present in emails sent from slow school computers. The exact origin is uncertain; however, the head of Sidwell Friends School's Computer Club, David Winton, claims to have created the term in a club email.
TO: Students
Subject: Comper Club meeting tomorrow after school
Body: There will be a meeting after school tomorrow where we discuss the future of the comper club. Remember to bring in the specs of your current compers.
by David Winton May 16, 2007
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a rapper that's only in the game for money and commercializin. The rappers with no real talent at all.
yo man yung joc is a comper
by likemike23 September 13, 2006
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