wearing pants, skirts, or shorts without underwear
Last night I was with a girl who went camando on me. It was great.
by caught up April 30, 2005
someone who does not wear underwear
Many people today are deciding to go comando
by oh regis August 12, 2007
see jeannie and ifi

1. not wearing any underwear

2. oooh mandy you came da da da da da da da...

3. mandy p. deutsch
co-man-do (doo doo!)
by anonymous April 26, 2004
An 1954 guerrilla team of the Canary Islands military, who performed horrible attempts against the city of Guadalix. They were shut in for 40 years in a local jail of Madrid.
- Yo, dang, you're craziest than Comando Guadalix!
by nyoru June 11, 2013
Not wearing under panties and shaven
Look Britney and Paris are getting out of the car and they don't have any panties on and there pussy are shaven! they are totally "Comando Rambo"!!
by Edwardo B September 9, 2010
Valley person from places like pont, abercuntingnowhere, uppercomebucket etc. usually seen driving cavaliers or novas.
by Anonymous April 7, 2003
A person who will pound someones ass at the drop of a dime if the opportunity presents it's self.
Rob got tim drunk last night, and went cornhole comando on him after he passed out.
by Jonch1234 August 13, 2008