A school mascot, generally designated for bad teams
Random 1: "Go Comanches!"
Random 2: "They're going to lose."
by We are sparta November 5, 2010
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Comanche's (NUMUNU)were, and still are, a Native American tribe widely known for their mastery of horseback riding and guerrilla warfare, which labeled them as the "Lords of the Plains".
This is how us Comanche's roll, Beyotch!!!

I am Proud to be Comanche.
by ComancheSamurai March 25, 2011
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When a white woman has been with a black man she becomes tainted. This line is from the movie the Searchers . In the movie a girl gets kidnapped by Indians. The girls after being with the Indians for awhile, act different-like savages. John Wayne has the famous line, "You don't want her back know, She's been Comanched!"
Jesus Mary used to be so hot, what happened to her?

Who Mary, she's been Comanched!
by davybaby June 25, 2009
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An extremely capable 4x4 truck built by Jeep from 1986-1992. Capable of being lifted to extreme proportions and going through more mud than any full size truck with the same size and type of tires ever could bc of extremely light weight frame.
My Comanche with 44" Boggers is running circles around your stuck Chevy 1500 with 44" Boggers in the swamp
by Justin Reister April 2, 2008
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Suzi had to make a choice between a mean case of swamp ass or going comanche after her drawers got all wet.
by Don't Call Me Tommy April 24, 2008
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When you fuck a bitch on her period, take your dick out make her sit Indian style and then dick slap her in the face with the menstrual blood while chanting OH AYE YA YA like an Indian until she looks like a Comanche with war paint on her face
Yo man I gave that bitch the Comanche last night, and she was on the war path!
by Birdflushawty September 1, 2016
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Not wearing underwear (the female equivalent of commando).
My pants are really tight so I had to go comanche.
by Mo Phred September 20, 2006
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