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Collins are good friends and boyfriends bucause they understand you and give you good advice. They are normally quite tall and skinny tho they may not realise. Collins are very rare and extremely hard to find but trust me, if you find one, keep him safe and listen to him, because if you listen to him, he will listen back and give you good advice when he can.
Leah: hey Collins i have a worry.

Collins: what is it?...
from then on he will listen and help here and there.
by leah x turner December 27, 2016
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Its brutally cold outside this morning so be sure you're Bundled Like Bernie!
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A very sexy person. He's the greatest guy you'll meet. He's pretty much defined as a chick magnet he has big penis
Hot girl1: I want that Collin!
Hot girl2: No way! I already asked him out and he said yes
by bray bray July 30, 2015
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An absolutely flawless individual that possesses nearly super-human intelligence, almost ridiculous good looks, an incredibly knack for athletic events, and unrivaled talent in everything they do. Also, someone that everyone else wishes they could be like.
Hot girl #1: "Whoa, look at that Collin! I'm going to go try to get with him!"
Hot girl #2: "No way, I saw him first!"
by baltimoron March 10, 2008
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such an amazing guy. one that loves music and wants to be a musician. also can be athletic and always good lookibg no matter what. collin is a shy guy at first but once he gets warmed up he can show the wild side that he has
girl 1: wow that guy is so cute! he seems kinda shy...lets go talk to him.
girl 2: thats collin! hes so wild when he preforms on stage i love it!
by jellybeaner1994 May 28, 2010
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When somebody is so hot they pretty much pass the laws of hotness and head into a whole other dimension of mouth watering, knee shaking, mind jellifying goodness. Embodiments of this definition are often referred to simply as Collin.
Girl One: 'That boy is so Collin it's unbelievable.'
Girl Two: 'I know. He's amazing. Look at him go.'
Girl One: 'With pleasure.'

'Yeah, he's a Collin'
by Semny. November 02, 2009
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Collin a name for a guy that is super awesome at sports. Also is a very hilarious person, a big party animal and is usually a girl magnet
girl1-wow who is that?
girl2-that's collin isn't he amazing
by expert waldo finder March 18, 2009
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