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The act of gluing magazine pictures of things you will never have/be on a piece of paper and staring at it for several hours until all of your problems are resolved. Many people, mainly males between the age of 1 and death, do not collage. they are known as Non-Collagers.
Jared: i made a collage in kindergarten once
Mitch: i don't do that, collaging ain't my thing
by NONcollager November 28, 2010
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When you take a bunch of pictures of people's junk (from the Internet), make a collage out of them on Word or Paint, photocopy a shitload, and plaster all over coworker's cubicle, office, windshield.
Randall: "Johnson's makin' me work late this Friday!"
Todd: "Dude, you know what you gotta do?"
Randall: "What?"
Todd: "You gotta do some collaging in his fuckin' office!"
by Amda Michael Ydoom November 28, 2010
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