to get cold feet:
to get nervous and change your mind
im getting cold feet about this nickname i picked
by ColdFeet June 12, 2005
Fearfulness or timidity preventing the completion of a course of action. or a lack of confidence or courage.
The scholar got cold feet on the day the results were out..
by Mukwaiwa February 15, 2017
To “get cold feet” means to lose your desire or nerve to do something. Often people “get cold feet” because they get nervous.
For example, sometimes the bride or groom might not show up to their wedding because they’ve gotten cold feet.
by Karyssia May 13, 2009
Jennifer Wilbanks, the Runaway Bride got cold feet, so she escaped her gigantic wedding.
by nervous February 12, 2006
considering backing out of your situationship when you realize that no matter how passionate he is, that he will never actually own his shit and give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how understanding and easy going you are
*directly following a discussion about apparent Him: "What are you doin in there babe?"
Her: "Puting my boots back on, my feet are cold." thinking to self:ha yeah, i got cold feet, and these boots are made for walking..not treading through bullsh*t.
by nobodyohnobody December 9, 2019
imagine that u are on a desert island w/ 4 other survivors of some shipwreck and there is no fresh water anywhere and it hasnt rained since u crashed. then on the 5th day on the island u see a hole in the ground and u think it could be connected to some groundwater but u can't really see. ur team needs to send someone down there to check it out so u volunteer and theyre attaching some sort of apparatus made from tree bark to your chest and getting ready to draw you down into the hole. but then u remember the eerie shrieks and whispers that u heard the night before and the night before that and then u remember that one night u had that strange dream where u were wandering in the jungle and the whispers were louder than usual. u could almost make them out softly saying "come down" and when u remember that dream ur legs grow stiff as an easel and all of the blood from your body retreats into your torso out of pure fear. and as u feel the cold hard ground under your feet start to creep up to the point where you can't feel your feet anymore, as if they were foreign alien entities attached to your thighs, you look up and confess to your shipmates that you can't go down there anymore.
i got cold feet after volunteering to be pulled down into a mysterious hole in the ground.
by dfaraday December 21, 2012
A confused hooker who is SCARED of the feel good pimping.
So what if he was a customer, you got cold feet, ho. You gonna let Julia Roberts beat you?
by Catfight Prize May 3, 2005