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A tool used for diagnosis when it is suspected that a man is not being honest about his sexuality. For example, a family which suspects their son is secretly gay could tune the television to Entertainment Tonight and watch the son's reaction. All straight men experience intense disgust, repulsion, and nausea when viewing and/or listening to Cojo. Because some homo- and bi-sexual men experience these things as well, an aversive reaction does not prove that a man is straight. However, if a man watches an entire Cojo segment without even a grimace, this is sufficient proof that he is gay.
(Doctor to three year old boy) "That stuff you ate by accident is poison. You have to throw it up, or you'll be very sick."

(Boy) "I don't wanna throw up. It tastes bad."

(Doctor) "Hmm ... Imagine that guy on TV, Cojo, is sitting here, and he's about to ... TOUCH YOU!!"

(Boy) "Ack!!! Nasty!!" (barfs)
by Lord Arthur May 26, 2004
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short for "condom job". when a lucky lady applies a condom to a stiff d, but then just performs an ordinary handjob.
possibly for fear of std's or knuckle children.
Bro 1: Did you bust that girl's guts last night?

Bro 2: No man, she took me to her room and gave me the old cojo.
by the kid is back January 23, 2009
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Cojo, the word that means many things, it seems as if the word has grown on us and gotten us through the hardest of times, and has made us laugh at the best. Cojo has made a worldwide contribution, even in Africa, where people cuss at mosquitoes using the word cojo, and Dick Cheney for when he shot that old man, the first word he said was, none other than cojo. When Oprah sharted in her pants on live television during Dr. Phil’s live masturbation at his segment on little girls, she said cojo. So as you can see, the word cojo has been around all through time, and shall always be with us, until the end.

But cojo basically means cool or awesome.
Matt: Oh dude, today was so cojo.
Bob: Def, cojo.
Lily: Cojo indeed.
by MattBobLily September 20, 2008
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it's a word in spanish and it means someone lame.
cojo is for a man and coja is for a woman.
you are lame.
eres cojo.
eres coja.
by $cr4pPy August 26, 2007
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A wog boy with extremely hairy arms
That Cojocea he thinks he is Australian
by Brett November 26, 2003
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