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A rough unit of measurement approximately equal to a standard ejaculation; a few tablespoons.
I'll have a turkey club sandwich with just a cockshot of mayonnaise, please.
by sorak May 20, 2007
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A baseball term indicating a pitch right down the middle, cock-high. Usually a fast ball belt (cock) high, that is expected to be crushed by the hitter.
by Beastmode02 June 24, 2009
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A "cockshot" occurs in a shooter video game when you - either inadvertently or on purpose - shoot another player or NPC in the groin. It's customary to yell, "cockshot!" really loud every now and then when you pull this off. Particularly funny when you were originally aiming for a headshot, and your aim was just that far off.
You're in a FPS game and you aim for the opponents head, but your aim sucks so bad you end up sending multiple rounds straight at his dick. That's a cockshot.
by TwistedMotherFucker December 16, 2010
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Inserting a drumstick into the urethra of your penis, getting a boner, and slamming your cock against a drumhead to produce a unique and satisfying rimshot, or in this case, a cock shot.
Why is Isaac in the hospital?

He was practicing his cock shots and got a splinter.
by Drumstickfuckers August 30, 2014
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a tremendous home run in the games of baseball or softball. A home run that when it leaves the bat there is no doubt that it is headed over the fence.
Manny Ramirez's 3-run cock shot off of Yankee starter Mike Mussina helped the Red Sox defeat the Yankees 6-4.
by Dave Malone April 16, 2007
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The surname of a dwindling number of very unlucky people.
Mr. Cockshot shot his cockshot in Mrs. Cockshot. A little cockshot grew in her belly over nine months into a little Cockshot.
by WhiteDwarf October 19, 2009
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