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A person who whines excessively about a common, everyday occurrence that the vast majority of people have no trouble handling or do not even recognize as a problem.
John is such a cockbib; he can't enjoy oral sex because he's too worried about getting spit in his buttcrack.
by Jello42 May 22, 2009
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(n.) Someone who complains about something everyone else is experiencing at that moment in time. This person usually has an attention disorder.
Person 1: "fuuck this line is so long.. i'll never get to see avatar in 3D"
Person 2: "stfu cock bib"
by Jonemode December 28, 2009
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A cloth or plastic sheath that has a hole, and when the penis is placed through it, protects the groinal vicinity from unwanted skin-to-skin contact during intercourse.
Sometimes when engaging in coitus with a female from origins unkown, it is prudent to wear a cockbib to protect the inner genitals and vicinity from unwanted torso contact from the aformentioned female.

Example: Man, I was at this Bulgarian brothel, and they had a wide array of condoms and cockbibs to use. I was so releived!
by ranky TO November 28, 2011
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In order to avoid risk of an STD or transmission of bodily fluids , or if the woman is just plain nasty, a BIB can be manufactered using a plastic grocery bag(Loblaws preferred). A hole is cut in the center of the bag and the penis goes throught the hole. A condom is then applied to the penis creating shield to protect the male from getting any "nasty" on himself.
" Dude that chick was so stank i had to cock-bib her "
" Word "
by Jeff and Aaron combined effort December 15, 2008
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