cockaroach; fuck you dante. its from scarface u retard. i think everyone knows how to spell cockroach, its just the way scarface said it.
"Fuck Gaspar Gomez, and fuck the fuckin' Diaz brothers! Fuck'em all! I bury those - cockaroach - es!" (Tony to Frank)

"Say 'ello to my little friend!"
by DyNaMiKe August 09, 2006
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Yeah, Scarface!
Dante -- It is not misspelled, ya'll do need to use a dictionary.


cock·a·roach (kókə·roch)

Used informally in Hawaii as a transitive verb meaning; steal, to steal something, or take something away surreptitiously


...and show some respect for new urbanites!
Only a tourist would cockaroach sacred lava rocks.
by burneggroll June 13, 2010
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The act of eating a cucumber as it is leaving your lovers anus.

Note: this act was first done on record by the "cock-a-roach" of Lombard. Nov 3rd 2008.
"Dude, she stuck a finger in my ass and it kinda hurt so I turned around and gave her a cockaroach"

"Hey, I'm trying to make a salad. Where did that cucumber go?"
"Oh. I'm sorry. I gave my girl the cockaroach last night."
"I see. Is there any left? I'm kinda hungry"
by Taran Bowlsby December 11, 2008
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'cock' + 'a'+ 'roach' = 'cockaroach'

its spelled cockroach you shitheads
get a damn dictionary.
its a damn cockrach
you dont need a fuckin example
by Dante Nash Spitts February 02, 2005
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Someone who burns bridges and lies. A burnt cockaroach could also be a drug phein or a burnt cockaroach could also be someone who didn't pay their debts on time. A person who burns bridges,
My last worker was a burnt cocka roach so glad my new worker isn't a burnt cockaroach
by 2real2bfake August 07, 2019
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South-American inspired pointed-toe cowboy boots specially designed to kill cornered cockaroaches and then quickly climb a chain-link fence to freedom.
Jose is so lucky. His wife gave him a pair of Cockaroach-Killer Fence Climbers on Cinco-de-Mayo. Go Jose Go!!
by Big D Rock July 04, 2020
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