2 definitions by DyNaMiKe

Giving a super wicked awesome cool dude a handjob/licking of the shaft. No mouth penetration or licking of the tip involved.

Mike Lecuyer TM
- Hey babe wanna give me a HandJee
- I really enjoyed that HandJee the other night
- If I do the dishes can I get a HandJee
- C'mon all the kids are doing the HandJee!
by DyNaMiKe July 10, 2014
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cockaroach; fuck you dante. its from scarface u retard. i think everyone knows how to spell cockroach, its just the way scarface said it.
"Fuck Gaspar Gomez, and fuck the fuckin' Diaz brothers! Fuck'em all! I bury those - cockaroach - es!" (Tony to Frank)

"Say 'ello to my little friend!"
by DyNaMiKe August 09, 2006
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