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1) a derogative term for an African American, originating in Schenectady NY. Short for "Nig nog".

2) Jeff's race horse
Sam: "Who robbed you last night?"
Stever: "I dunno, some fucking Nog."
by kraka January 19, 2005

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The worst casino on Earth, located in Verona, NY. The payouts are god-awful, they don't serve alcohol, and you could drop $1,000 there and not get comp'd a sandwich. However it's proximity to Albany, Syracuse and Rochester keeps it full, despite the fact that everyone knows going there is a bad idea.
Londoncatfish: "Wanna go to Turning Stone?"
Wood: "Let's just burn our money and buy hotdogs instead"
by kraka December 07, 2006

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A 200ml bottle of Hennessey
Lemmie git that right there!
by kraka January 17, 2005

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Dan Brennan; aka Starbucks Dan
Tonight when I'm hungry, I'm a make me a Londoncatfish Broil!
by kraka January 19, 2005

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a band with pronunciation and spelling issues.
With a name like "Axe", I expected to be going to a metal show. Instead I got the Jake Savage Experience.
by kraka January 18, 2005

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the place where Goz works.
Jamal: "Yo where Goz be at B?"
Tyrone: "Man that nigga B at werk."
Jamal: "Word? Let's rob that nigga!."
Tyrone: "Nah nah nah. Goz B koo. He be givin a nigga meat n shit. Let's rob Felpel.
Tyrone: "Word, lets rob that nigga Felpel."
by kraka January 19, 2005

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