To assure everyone that you'll definitely be somewhere, but to then not turn up, and with no explanation as to why.
"Looks like we've been Cooped again!"
by skirky October 05, 2007
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What Summer Roberts called Marissa Cooper on The O.C.

Summer was only allowed to do this, when Alex tried to, she reprimanded him for it.
Summer : Coop, I've been looking for you!
Marissa: Sorry Sum, what's up?
by OCLOVER February 18, 2009
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1. n. abbreviated form of 'cooperative.' used to describe the 'cooperatve play' mode of a video game.
pronounced 'coop' or 'co-op'
alternatively spelled 'co-op'

2. n. abbreviation of anything that begins with 'coop,' such as last names, eg, Cooper.

3. n. The MIT Bookstore, "the coop"
1. hey man, you want to play some coop quake II?

2. that dude's name is Cooper, but I call him 'coop' in an effort to sound cooler.

3. i just paid an arm and a fucking leg for this book from the coop. fuck the coop.
by John Crichton January 11, 2004
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A place which a homeschooled student can go to receive homework for fairly extensive periods of time.
"Sam went to his co-op yesterday-- I think he might be too stressed out to go swing dancing with me tomorrow night!"
by Pubsk00l October 26, 2011
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a dirty peado that calls girls using the words 'hunni' and 'babe' in a slimey tone. he looks like a potatoe, but somehow can get a g/f =S.. this is one of lifes mysteries. He likes to talk about the size of his tool/monster/dong .. (he has a wide variety of words).. but his favourite hobby is asking ladies the size of their boobs.
eww don't touch me you dirty coop

no i downt want to know how big your 'monster' is you slimey coop
by baz__x March 24, 2008
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A combination of the words: crap and poop used when you are trying to tell somebody that you do not feel well. Coop is used when you are not bullshitting for the purpose of a) not going to school b) ditching the clingy girlfriend or c) any other circumstance where you might try to convey a false sense of illness. Coop is used when you feel so shitty that you cannot decide on whether you want to say that you feel like β€œcrap” the more gentle β€œpoop” and end up slurring the words together, into coop.
Dude#1: Yo man, wanna hit up the mall later??

Dude#2:....dude....i dont feel to hot...feel like...coop...

Dude#1: o man, sorry, you must really feel shitty, u cant even get your words strate!
by Yo Mamma1 August 30, 2006
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when you get a stinky ass fart and you cup it in your hand and throw it in someone's face.
by Raymond Johnson May 19, 2005
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