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One who betrays a cause for personal advancement.

The popular definition of sell out allows it to be used as an insult towards anyone in show business. On the contrary, there are many bands which are considered sellouts which are not.

For instance, Green Day. They are considered sell-outs because they are a punk band who was popular on MTV. Green Day never stated that they would never be on MTV, thus they are not sell-outs in that sense. They never changed their musical style for monetary reasons, thus they are are not sell-outs in the more literal sense of the word. If Fugazi were to sign up with Sony records, they would be selling out because they preach against major labels.
"Man, you are totally a sellout!"
by SpinSpyder June 24, 2003

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(1) forced into the act of sexual intercourse unwillingly; (2) (slang) conquered in a game or contest by a large margin. see also: macked, beaten, whipped, shamed.
(1) I raped a really hot chick the other day. (2) Man, I played Ocelot in DooM the other night, and he totally raped me.
by SpinSpyder February 12, 2003

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Co-op is a bastardization of Co-operative, which means "done with cooperation". It is a commonly used term in multiplayer gaming to refer to a mode of play in the game where two or more players work together in playing the game.
I'm tired of deathmatching. Does anybody want to play some co-op?
by SpinSpyder May 24, 2003

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Susceptible to flame; able to be lit on fire. Syn: Flammable
That puddle of alcohol is inflammable.
by SpinSpyder June 20, 2003

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A term referring to the person inside the Matrix who can do anything they so choose with it. The phenomenon known as "The One" is caused because the program for the Matrix that is in use is based on an imperfect world, and thus the program is imperfect. The program creates an anomaly, and that is The One.
Neo, you ARE the One...
by SpinSpyder June 20, 2003

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A precious stone with a chemical formula identical to graphite, but with a different structure, which allows the carbon atoms to be very, very close together. This makes it the hardest stone in the world. Also a very precious stone.
Oh look, over there is a diamond. Did you know it has the same chemical formula as graphite?
by SpinSpyder June 20, 2003

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