A small Texas town located in Brazoria County between Lake Jackson & Freeport. Clute girls arent as pretty as LJ girls but arent as ugly as Freeport girls. Dont be a fool wrap your tool because it seems Clute girls are extremely fertile. This is proven by the 90% of Clute girls under the age of 18 that have at least 1 child. The other 10% are trying or are too ugly to be having sex. Clute is home to many skeezas & grenades but the worst of them are the guys. Everyone sleeps with everyone & knows who slept with who. Clute guys usually play beerpong on the weekends and all proclaim to be unbeatable & drink more then their fellow "niggas". These men also proclaim to have huge dongs which unfortunately for the ladies isn't true. But if you are a Clute woman reading this you probably already know this because you have probably slept with almost every Clute male & most likely whoever you haven't slept with your friends have. Clute men spend most of their time playing COD or fixing up their trucks (that arent even fast except for 1 & dont look good except for maybe 5) with either their parents money or the money they making working at the local H-E-B or the plant. !!Fun Fact!! 75% of Mexicans in Clute either have been or are currently employed at H-E-B!!! Apparently the only requirement to getting a job at H-E-B is being 5'6 or shorter (preferably shorter & super dark). Another Fun Fact! 98.9% of the men that live in Clute have or will work in the plant for the rest of their lives.
Clute Guy 1- What are you doing Friday??

Clute Guy 2- Taking my ride to the Track.

Clute Guy 1- That piece of shit!?!?!

Clute Guy 2- I just installed a new cam last night its going to run like a champ!

Lake Jackson Guy- So i'm gonna beat you by 3 car lengths not 4

Ex 2

Pregnant Clute Girl 1- I can't believe he cheated on me with that stuck up Lake Jackson Slut.

Clute Girl 2- At least he didn't cheat on you with a Freeport skank, thats how i got herpes.
by Rufas Lucas May 12, 2011
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An extremely large clitoris.

Something somewhere between a clitoris and a penis.

Also a derogatory term for a douchebag.
Yeah she was hot but she had a clute.

Shut up man you're such a clute.

Our coach is an ass...call him Cooch Clute!
by PHSWP December 02, 2008
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1.) The action of blowing on the clitoris to tickle it by whistling.
"While I was trying to clute her, I startled her, she farted, and said, 'I'm sorry.. That tickled the shit out of me.'"
by MJ Inc March 18, 2014
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A flute body played with a clarinet mouthpiece. Has a somewhat reedy, soprano-sax-like sound or flauta-de-millo (Colombian clarinetlike folk instrument).
Joey, let's play a joke on Mrs. Perrotta---take the mouthpiece off your flute and put a clarinet mouthpiece on it. Play it---it's a clute!

play it---it's a clutea!
by pentozali November 27, 2009
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