when a person tells a story which is completely pointless, the person intends to be funny but the only person who laughs is themselves. Can be referred to as 'classic reedy'.
Person one: when my mate moved into his house, there was a right gypo garage! *laughs to his/herself*

Person two: classic reedy.
by ChemBuds May 24, 2011
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The best person you will ever meet.
The kind of person you want in you life.
Absolutely brilliant, beautiful, funny as heck, the most caring person ever, very dirty mind, and the extrovert/most social.
Friends with everyone but cares about all of them equally.
Has a obsession with inanimate objects and danganronpa.
Smartest person you’ll ever meet.
So funny you’ll be laughing all the time.
Everybody loves her.
Dirtiest mind ever but funniest jokes.
The greatest best friend you’ll have.
Sometimes annoying but in a good way, in a funny way.
That girl looks and acts like a Reedi
by 🖤🖤🖤 April 10, 2019
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The extremely prententious people who go to Reed College. Portland, OR slang, but is commonly found wherever people are talking about Reed College. Has two primary usages:

a)people who go to Reed.
b) a nerd, lesbian, or neo-hippie.
a) "my uncle was a Reedie. He majored in Biology"

b)"Dude, I saw that girl buying a sleater Kinney CD. What a reedie!"

"Buries his head in his books like a reedie"

"you haven't taken a bath in 6 days, George. Are you trying to become a reedie or what?"
by Marcos December 6, 2004
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A high school in frisco,Texas. Full of clout chaser and kid who think their cool beacuse they’ve been too rehab twice. Cool place to go if you want to be made fun of if your parents don’t make 7 figures or if your not white.
Alex - anyways reedy highschool Is really lit

Tim- wow didn’t know you where retarted.
by Kkkimjusthanginman October 15, 2018
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Reedy Highschool is a highschool in Frisco Texas. Everyone there smells like weed, thinks they’re really cool because they work out and have a shitty outgrown perm using insane comebacks like “Who are you?” anytime their fragile ego is made fun of, the most basic blonde bitches who cry anytime Taylor Swift comes on, wannabe gangsters who dress like they’re from the hood even though they live in gated communities, and then there’s those retarded emo kids who put in so much effort into their makeup and clothes yet they don’t wear fucking deodorant. They all also follow this trend of dying their hair shitty colors to get attention because they’re in therapy. Almost forgot the big boat from India of curry munchers that came into the school this year the hallways smell like curry shit stains and they’re literally fucking everywhere they all somehow look like retarded sheep.

The staff there is about as stupid as it gets especially the higher up staff. All and I mean ALL the male staff members are bald as shit and haven’t had happiness in the past 30 years hence the need for them to yell at a kid every other period. Now the female staff members are mostly fifty years old and are complete bitches any little thing you do is an issue. Have your phone out? Not your phone anymore Commander Karen is here to make sure you can’t look at your phone for .2 seconds! Now the coaches are actually cool they’re fine no shit talking on them.
“What highschool do you go to?”

“I go to Reedy Highschool cuh the kids there be stupid no kizzy

“Damn so you are retarded.”
by Deezezezznuttss February 1, 2022
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