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A middle-class suburb located in Brazoria County, Texas. Population: 28,363ish. Many families were drawn to the area not due to the 'desirable' humidity, but the local DOW Chemical Plant in Freeport, Texas. Lake Jacksonites are well known for their active involvement in community-service organizations.

Local Area Highlights include (but are not limited to):
*Buc-ee's convenience stores
*Brazos Mall (Starplex 3)
*Wal*Mart Supercenter (Cleanest in the area)
*Over fifty churches (Something for everyone..)
"That chick is from Lake Jackson. She thinks she's all that just cuz they got the mall." said the dirty-fingernailed Sweeny girl, standing meagerly in denim cutoffs.
by Best In Brazoria March 28, 2005
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A small town in Texas, specifically Brazoria County, containing less than thirty thousand people. The citizens there, referred to as Lake Jacksonites, think they are better than everyone else. In reality, they are dim little nimrods who "borrow" (STEAL) a majority of Brazoria County's budget for their own good.
(1. Hey, you're from Lake Jackson, TX? You're an asshole!

(2. That kid from Lake Jackson is going to grow up to be a person who steal from other small towns!
by tentwofour December 16, 2009
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