when there's an intolerable amount of things
I'll never make it out of this clusterfucked place
by 808ShroomZ April 5, 2019
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Adding a new resource to your kubernetes cluster ending up in a thousand and one errors.
I created a new kubernetes resource for our API, but after deploying it's now Clusterfucked
by LiteralSpoon November 9, 2021
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To be so drunk the world no longer makes sense (even 8 hours later)
"Oh look at that... I'm so clusterfucked I'm going to have a collision with the floor."
by Jayceeyooooo July 25, 2017
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1. A shit-show; chaos at the top of a sinking corporate or entertainment hierarchy.
2. A revolving door of incompetent bosses.

Coined and used by wrestling promoter Eric Bischoff.
"It was a clown car of clusterfuck at the top so I didn't need to know nor did I care."

With who they were bringing in, I knew it was gonna be a clown car of clusterfuck at my job.
by I mean, yeah March 2, 2020
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A person who is often wrongly l labeled a hot mess, or train wreck, but they are actually trying to do the right thing or better themselves only to wind up in a situation they can’t escape from no matter what they do.
She has tried many different paths in life, but she never succeeds and makes things worse than before. Her whole life is one big bumper car clusterfuck.
by gogeauxf June 10, 2021
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This salad is actually quite delicious. It is filled with lots of nuts and is topped with a white, creamy dressing. Hence the 'fuck' in clusterfuck.
"I'm feeling pretty randy tonight, honey. I think I'll order the clusterfuck salad."
by Section A December 17, 2013
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