A bunch of shit going wrong all at the same time.
The logistics weren't planned well; the guide was new; the flights were cancelled; the luggage broke; the food sucked, and everything you can imagine wasn't going right. Basically, It was a clusterfuck of a trip.
by SonyaSingh July 5, 2017
1. a sexual act involving people of all genders and sexualities, coming and cumming together in a glorious rainbow orgy

2. a flavour of ice cream (patent pending)
"Care to join me for some rainbow clusterfuck?"

"I'm sorry, do you mean the tasty frozen treat or the sex act? Because I'm down for either."
by naocoolcat May 15, 2014
This salad is actually quite delicious. It is filled with lots of nuts and is topped with a white, creamy dressing. Hence the 'fuck' in clusterfuck.
"I'm feeling pretty randy tonight, honey. I think I'll order the clusterfuck salad."
by Section A December 17, 2013
When a clusterfuck basically explodes into a thousand little fucks that go flying everywhere making it impossible to track them all down and rendering you nostalgic for back when the problem was ONLY a clusterfuck as you put out all the fires.
Covid went from being an outbreak in Wuhan to a full fledged international metastatic clusterfuck
by Mommy Rotten December 6, 2020