a Giant Mongose accompanied by a mouse about to be eaten by a giant fox named pongo
Hmm, look at that chairlift
I hope pongo eats it this time
by Brainfreeze March 19, 2005
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An action taken on behalf of someone riding a mountain chairlift, which involves:

1. Waiting until the group in front of you has a perfect chairlift sequence (typically a family that enjoy to ride the lift together or a group of buddies).
2. Scooching forward at the last minute to join said group on the chairlift (must be seated between one or more individuals)
"Oh man! Did you see that! What a jerk! He totally pulled a chairlift bomb!"

Like photobombing, but on a chairlift
by Ritt Bitt January 10, 2011
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To perform the mongolian chairlift, you need a mid sized yak... there also needs to be a chair in plain sight, three cans of whipped cream, a girl anywhere from 90 pounds to 125 pounds depending on the size of the man performing the lift. Firstly you use the whipped cream to draw a moustache on yourself and your partner. Then you do a half sitting half standing position and you place the girl overtop of yourself then lift her off the ground and move her back and forth. While she milks the mid size yak. It was believed that this position was lost to the ages, but due the recent scientific breakthroughs it has been rediscovered.
Dave: I had a crazy time last night!
Tino: Why what did you do?
Dave: Me and my girl tried out the mongolian chairlift
Tino: Holy shit! I heard about that on the discovery channel
Dave: Yea You know it!!
by Dave Pat July 27, 2008
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Using this on a chairlift is code for would you like to smoke a bowl
Riding up the chairlift, I asked the guy next to me if he believed in chairlift hospitality, he answered by pulling out a fatty joint and we bolth blazed down on the way up
by Skier of the NW Gnar February 27, 2010
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Getting a hand Job underneath all of your snow gear on the chairlift at night so the parallel chairlifts "can't" see you.
Maddison gave brad a Michigan chairlift after they did a few too many shotskis! *see shotskis*
by Shitnkunttools May 19, 2017
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