A group of Knowhow FLMโ€™s
The meeting about harsh breaking was taken by the clusterfucks
by Hahsbdvs September 25, 2018
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The first 100 days of the presidential administration of Donald Trump. (not the primary definition, but before long, "clusterfuck" will be as synonymous with "the Trump Administration" as "kleenex" or "xerox" are to "tissue paper" and "photo-copying," respectively.)
The US populace is facing the growing deleterious effects of the clusterfuck in the White House.
by Miss K's tea April 01, 2017
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1) A term used to describe a series of events or more than one in a collective group of fucked up situations that come together in one gigantic chaotic situation.

2) Term used to describe an orgy

3) A single clueless, air brained individual that inevitably messes up everything they touch.
1) My promotion to Supervisor and placed on salary along with the added extra hours has turned out to be one huge Cluster-fuck.

2) My Bro Ziggy and I banged three really hot chicks the other night in the most awesome and spontaneous sorority Cluster-fuck ever.

3) I let my girlfriend drive my car while hers was being serviced and she slammed into a parked police car while reading a text from her BFF and turns out the bitch had a suspended license for the exact same violation three other times, what a cluster-fuck.
by Chief Rock-a-Ho March 25, 2014
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A word used in a stressful situation;
An insult implying that one person or a group of people are messy, idiotic, and overall just a waste of human resources.
Person One:"This Mid-Term has me so stressed. It's going to leave me looking like a Cluster-Fuck!"

Person Two:"God.. Those girls are all just a bundle of Cluster-Fuck(s)!"

Person Three: -Traffic, Late for important meeting- "CLUSTER-FUCKS!"
by HeyyyItsATaco February 26, 2017
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