When you're days away from coming out of your fourth COVID lockdown and your local health authority advises that a new and dangerous strain has just been detected and that it would be imprudent to open up until the source of the new cluster is identified. In this context, clusterfuck is a portmanteau of COVID cluster plus being situationally fucked.
Health Official: 'With the discovery of this new and highly transmissible variant, which is unrelated to the existing outbreak, the government will not be relaxing COVID restrictions as previously scheduled. In summary, you have just been clusterfucked"
by Ernest_Hemmingroid June 5, 2021
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The state of being totally confused,at a loss for words. Like when in the presence of someone who you are so infactuated with you can't think str8.
-I was so clusterfucked when he spoke to me, I know I must have looked like an idiot.
by Serran December 7, 2005
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Too much going on in the mind at one time
I need a moment to myself because I'm feeling a little clusterfucked
by Mamma t October 28, 2019
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According to "Travis":

"Mmmm, fuck me flakes! Yeah, nice toasty & golden!"

"I want Clusterfucked! I'm gonna go rent it!"
by "Caitlyn." March 11, 2009
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To be intoxicated, to the point that you cannot even THINK
I took a hit of acid and was completely Clusterfucked
by southern_discomfort81 September 13, 2004
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worse than sticking your dick in an anthill for the rest of your life
person 1: would you rather move to south sudan or have your dick stuck in an anthill for -
sam: *slathers on honey* dude that place is a clusterfuck
by itsmebeany April 5, 2021
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