When a gaggle of people of all shapes and sizes are in one place and all doing something different than the other - no one is working together or in an organized way...
"That was the worst school function I have ever gone to - what a total cluster fuck."
by Skycop August 21, 2016
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Clusterfuck. My pick up truck done broke down at the side of the road my dog died, I done lost my girl and I have herpes.
by Nosenseatall August 03, 2015
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a situation in which things have been botched either repeatedly, or by numerous people
He started this clusterfuck, I'm just trying to save my ass.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003
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A situation so awful that you will end up screaming the word fuck multiple times. The term cluster fuck simply is a proper noun for said situation.
Guy 1:Hey man not only did we have to pay 50 dollars an eighth for this weed but it was really shitty and we had to drive the dude all over hell and creation.

Guy2: Yeah man that whole situation is such a cluster fuck
by UnknownMan4411 January 18, 2010
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The actions and disorganization of President Trump have been a real clusterfuck.
by TruePatriot2017 February 04, 2017
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The guys just kept respawning... heading over to the control point... killing the guy there, getting killed by the guy right behind them. It was a total clusterfuck.
by cjwright79 January 04, 2009
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