a person that looks just like you but has down syndrome.
Logan: that kid looks just like me!
Torey: Dude, he is a clune!
by torra borra May 18, 2004
(pl. n.) People who just won't go.

(As defined by Douglas Adams' The Deeper Meaning of Liff.)
Foxton Rich-Cashbucks: You clutz, servant, I requested a Long Island Twisterini from you nigh on an hour ago!

Farnaby-Chalmers: I do apologise, sir, I was held up by one boffo of a clune in the foyer. Those clunes get me every time, sir...

Foxton Rich-Cashbucks: And that, my dear waiter, is why you earn merely thruppence an hour, now be on your way.
by SplodgeOMatic August 5, 2008
A hole-in-the-ground just outside of Ballarat, where the rejects, pedophiles and mutants of the world live and reproduce.
Also home to the Bottle Factory and National Bottle Museum
Where do you live?

Clunes mate

Ah, that would explain the extra foot on your forehead and the lack of proper footwear
by moonie-101 July 7, 2011
When you are about to leave work and your supervisor hits you with a convoluted, unnecessary task that is completely useless.
Dude I thought I was done for the day but I just got Cluned, now I have no idea when I’ll be going home tonight
by Puzzle palace June 24, 2021
Transitive Verb:

To strike with immense force.
I'm gonna clune this guy right in the head! = Present Tense

That hockey player got absolutely cluned! = Past Tense
by bmasta420 October 16, 2010
The past tense of clean, like cleaned, but only idiots say this.
Mom: clean your damn room!
Jeanay: I already cluned that shit!
Mom: *smack*
by WhatsPastTense June 27, 2022