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Similar to clog; can be used to describe disgusting things like Disney's the Santa Clause
by Tim November 26, 2004
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The engaging of sexual intercourse (anal or vaginal) from behind.

In the context of online gaming "clug" is synonymous with rape, pwn, skull fuck, and other terms that declare superiority over other gamers.
Jared's mom can take a pretty hard clugging.
by William Horesdick July 22, 2011
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When two people, be they related or otherwise, attempt to hug but instead knock their heads together, in extreme cases, female victims of the clug yell loudly further embarrasing any male clugger.

Clug= clunk+hug
*high pitched scream*
Guy 1: what was that?

Guy 2: haha! Joe and Maria just clugged!

Guy 1: nice one! lets go give him a hard time.
by Dujac0 January 26, 2008
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When someone takes forever to ejaculate, making them similar to a snail or slug on how slow they are being. Hence Cumslug : clug
sarah : I became so bored after the 20minute mark. He took forever to cum...
Jenny : You should just dump him your man is such a Clug...
by CBPP.OMG October 29, 2017
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Another word used for semen (or jizz and cum). Many people use this term when the cum is over the top, and very thick. If you were to be ever be clugged on ladies, you know you’ve gave him the time of his life.
Man: Oh my god babe, I didn’t mean to cum on your face.
Women: Cum? That was clug, how much of it do you have?
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by Clug December 27, 2017
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