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1. when a woman is feeling broody. this means that she is starting to see babies, and all that having one entails, in a much more positive light. she may start mentioning things like her "biological clock" and maybe even do something as drastic as stop taking the pill in order to satisfy her maternal urges.

2. a word that is a cross between 'lucky' and 'close'
1. boyfriend discovers girlfriends pill packet:
"oh dear god... she's skipped the last WEEK! please don't tell me she's feeling clucky!"

2. while your mixing up a very big batch of pancakes, the bowl slips off the table, but right before it smashes onto the floor you catch it in a freak-reaction-speed-reflex-action; a miracle.
a bystander comments "gee dude, that was clucky!"
by shmal November 11, 2005
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A woman who is some kind of stupid messed up bitch.
I am so sick of this clucky bitch hanging around me! Tell her to fuck off...
by Raine June 07, 2004
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(n) A small to medium grazing, horse-like mammal. (See point-head)
The clucky has ventured.
by Anonymous May 11, 2003
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