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an extremely unsavory individual whom tends to act stupid and talk loud to draw attention to him/herself as they're realitively unnoticed otherwise.
The buffoon over there screaming and drinking piss at the behest of everyone else is a clown-ass.
by icarus meltdown October 12, 2008
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Someone who is a complete dumbass.
Or someone who does stupid and worthless things.
He is such a clownass that he failed his science final three times straight.
by Jesus Krist June 22, 2005
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a dumbass,dip shit, jackass, asshole, or a dick(as in stop acting like a dick)
shut up clown ass

stop acting like a clown ass
by Bonez21 May 20, 2008
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The act of being such a nutsack to everyone to the point of murder on a stick.
Did you see that clownass Uncle Brian just pull that shit?? What a black clown!!!

Uncle Brian is a complete clownass with all this clownassery he pulls constantly! He’s such a buttfuck.
by RuckDuck98 June 30, 2019
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