When a woman's butthole is used as a target or receptacle for urine. Similar to the games at a carnival where the objective is to shoot water from a gun into a clown's mouth from afar.
Hey girl, let me pee in your Clown Mouth.
by ebonythunder November 12, 2010
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an anus so heavily abused by anal sex that the sphincter can no longer contract all the way causing it to remain open in an irritatedly red and droopish manner resembling an agape clown mouth
He felt no need to use lubrication while fucking her clown mouth.
by dewback December 04, 2010
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<img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v201/franktothemax/motivationalposter.jpg">
man, I got some wicked bad clownmouth last night. I can still taste the blood in my mouth.
by franktothemax September 11, 2008
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