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A person who is amusing edging on being a little bit crackers.
someone is rolling around on the floor talking utter rubbish whilst wearing a wooden skirt- I'd say " your a right clown dog"
by kat December 10, 2003
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A funny person who is appreciated by everyone for their antics. Often someone who is off the wall.
Look at that clowndog eating superglue!

Son of a clowndog!

That clowndog shouldn't be peeing there.
by Russianhollander March 30, 2010
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Some dufuss looking kid boy/girl that dresses in goofy clothes and acts retarded. Usually found hanging out in front of the video game or the 7-11.
Hey...check out the clown dog! Somebody needs to close the rodeo gate.
by Dr.Robert June 07, 2005
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