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A ridiculous scenario in which no one is really sure on what is taking place.
"Bro, that party last night was a total clown fiesta," said Chad.
by Big clown October 19, 2015
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When team Dignitas plays in the NA LCS, the perfect clown fiesta can be achieved.
by NeapoIitan July 13, 2016
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A confusing mess of a situation.

Popularized by the League of Legends gaming community to describe particularly sloppy team fights.

Related words: Clusterf--k, Mess, Snafu, Balagan
We tried to Black Friday shopping, but we were all so drunk that all we came home with was a box of doughnuts and 5 copies of the Spongebob movie. It was a total clown fiesta.

Teemo just flashed into their entire team and got destroyed. The rest of our team ran in after him. What a clown fiesta.

With Trump in the White House, the next 4-8 years of American politics are going to be a clown fiesta.
by doubledevil December 07, 2016
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A term used by the league of legends community

Ex. 1 you spawn, you fight, you spawn, and fight again, one team is dead for too long and you win the game

Ex. 2 Slug fest, all out brawl, dirty team death match

alt. Ex. 1 An ugly group of individuals who work together
"This team is a clown fiesta"
"That team fight was a clown fiesta"
"This game is a clown fiesta"
by Reshind August 21, 2016
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