Person 2: Check out that dude. He's clouding

Person 1: Cool beans!
by redmixdj January 29, 2019
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Accessing your cloud on the internet. (Working on cloud computing)

The act of adding/removing files or programs from your online "cloud"
A: "Hey, I see youre working on your laptop, are you surfing the internet?"

B: "No, actually im clouding. I just wanted to add some cool new softwares to my online data storage"
by karmcy February 10, 2011
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A word meaning to sweat at your armpits making sweat stains.
Carole: oh shit guys I'm clouding!
by bambi331 June 30, 2011
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A Web server or servers that are not understood by the user of the term.
What do you mean it won't work? I can just send it to The Cloud, can't I? THE CLOUD?
by RickDeluxe June 22, 2015
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haters, full of hate, procrastinator, , those who pass judgement, people who tell lies, A person that is sneaky, Someone up to no good, full of shit, some who is considered a bull shitter, Some who is considered fake
That dude is clouded, dont believe what he says; Trust word is good..i'm never clouded; You're clouded fam, stop hating on everybody; You gotta watch out for the girls that's clouded;
by aceprimo October 21, 2011
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A fairy-tail like place where computers work perfectly 100% of the time.

Servers never crash, applications run flawlessly, disks never fill up, and viruses cease to exist. Even user-error ceases to exist, because The Cloud won't let it.
Programmer: "Sir, our servers are slow, our application sucks, and our employees are idiots. Larry just ran DEL *.* in the system folder by accident!"

IT Manager: "Don't sweat it, man...we're moving TO THE CLOUD. Pretty soon we'll bring lawn-chairs to work and spend our work-week beatin' Asian kids at online poker."

User: "Wait...can The Cloud really fix all that? What about our broken app and all the viruses?"

Manager: "Never. Doubt. The Cloud."

User: "Well the marketing material does say even a monkey can do it. Step 1: Move to The Cloud. Step 2: Make it Rain on 'dem Hoes."

Manager: "Brilliant"
by Chikken24 April 15, 2011
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