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a white thing in the sky that rains
by KinCryos August 20, 2003
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n. Symbol Xe
A colorless, odorless, highly unreactive gaseous element found in minute quantities in the atmosphere, extracted commercially from liquefied air and used in stroboscopic, bactericidal, and laser-pumping lamps. Atomic number 54; atomic weight 131.29; melting point -111.9°C; boiling point -107.1°C; density (gas) 5.887 grams per liter; specific gravity (liquid) 3.52 (-109°C).
by KinCryos August 20, 2003
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the area between one's scrotum and anus.
the real thing. "Gooch" can go to hell
by KinCryos August 08, 2003
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v : connect devices on a part of a chip or circuit board in a computer
Certain game controllers have a “pass-through” gameport connector, which allows you to connect two controllers to a single gameport. These controllers are known as a daisy-chained gameport device. Another example includes Glade Plug-In with additional outlet
by KinCryos January 14, 2004
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'sony roolz'
"One who bashes another system for lack of mature games, is immature himself"
by KinCryos June 06, 2004
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A loud, harsh cry.
by KinCryos August 20, 2003
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Paint Shop Pro
by KinCryos August 21, 2003
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