Used in Underworld's Born Slippy, apparently for no fucking reason at all.
Shout! Shout! Mega Mega White Thing Mega Mega White Thing Shout! Shout!
by Julius Peppers February 6, 2005
Located in the vagina, a small, pearly white object (NOT semen) of unknown origin and composition. Easier to locate in highly aroused females. If you can't find it, go deeper.
by Dr. Shatner June 6, 2004
Used to describe a good decision over a bad one. Inherently racist saying that people not white make bad decisions.
A: I found this wallet and ID what should I do?
B: Mail it to him, that's the white thing to do.
A: You are correct, I will do that.
by Not politically correct April 1, 2014
white things in the mouth

If you, for whatever reason, cannot

stand the usage of the word 'teeth', this is your go-to phrase.
- One of the white things in my mouth has been loose since yesterday, should I go to the guy who helps you take care of the white things?
Something is stuck between the white things in my mouth.

The white things in the mouth are broken.
by howsthathuh!:) March 21, 2022
Weird affected finishes added to authentic clothing
Steve thought the white wrist things on Jamie’s fisherman’s smock were cheesy
by DaddioMystic November 5, 2020