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a place were kids are rich and spoiled and get wasted on there use parents money. there is so much drama. from bad mouths to fist fight. all the different cliques. skaters hang behind burger king, the jocks at there friends houses and play man hunt. the popular girls hang out in there friends basements. and uss we hang out everywere.. from downtown closter to eachothers houses.. everyone noes everyone.. from the west side,, the poor side to the east side the west side. plus there are alottt of asians! asian this asian that.. damn we have like 5 million nail salons! that my hometown, CLOSTER
"o shit! closter is in the house?!", "closter is mcbizz the shizz", "closter.. so much drama"
by anona loves you January 06, 2007
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(N): An upper-middle class town located in Bergen County, New Jersey. Unfortunately notable for having annoying, spoiled people, unfit parents, and Non-English-Speaking businesses in a predominantly English speaking town.

(N2): A backfired party, complete with warm, generic beer, douchebags wearing Ed Hardy gear, and girls constantly taking pictures for Facebook or MySpace.

(V): To take unnecessary pride on one's self.
(N): "Where do you wanna move after Grad School?"

"Closter, New Jersey, man. I got a little fetish going on when it comes to Asians and Obnoxious Guidos."

(N2) "You going to that party?"

"Hell no. Last time I went, I checked out the booze, and the label just said 'Beer', plus I had to pose for a picture every 5 minutes".

(V): "That Guido chick had her parents buy her a Mercedes for Christmas. She's totally Clostering about it. What an ass."
by Cam6092 September 01, 2008
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A town devoid of any night life. A place where every night of the week is Monday night.
Lets go into the city, there is nothing to do in this town at night, its so Closter.
by Mr. Zenon October 25, 2011
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1: A town in New Jersey.
2: (adj) of low intelligence; to be 'ghetto fabulous'
3: (v) used for people in rich families. to fall down in life, hard.
1: Closter is such a crappy place.
2: You see Robert McFag over there? He's so closter.
3: You idiot; why did you have to be clostered?!
by James Baek February 09, 2005
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A faceless town in northeast New Jersey where I grew up. Closter is like a small rock orbiting New York City, like all the other bland suburban towns in the metropolitan area. Despite its veneer of affluence, Closter was home in the 1960s to some of the most vicious miscreant children in history. Hopefully by now they're all dead or in jail.
Closter is like a small hard bowel movement.
by tumorocity April 10, 2008
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v.Clostered-to have a party that gets busted by the Fuzz
Dude, your party got clostered.
by Don Juan April 11, 2005
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