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The most loved of all people, always fun to be around and always putting others first. A clore is always admired and people have been kown to faint in the mere presence of a clore. If someone reaches the status of a clore there is nothing better other than god.
That person is such a perfect specimen of a human being, they are most deffinitely a clore.
by urbankang April 30, 2014
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it is another word for telephone. originated from the latin term cloranus
josh answer the clore before the anwering machine comes on
by mailmastermark March 12, 2009
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Classy whore; a young adult has intercourse with a lot of people in a short period of time, but keeps it classy. Sometimes gets kaleidoscopic beer goggles.
She's such a whore but she's classy about it. Everyone has their "clore" years.

Are we cloring tonight? Because I haven't gotten that out of system.
by Rainbowfrite August 11, 2017
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