A expression used in place of "going to the bathroom", for the express purpose of deficating. It means to "take a shit".

Refer to: lighten the load

Although 'head' is often used as a reference to 'toilet', this is not the case in this expression.
Mike: Are we ready to go?
Dave: Nah, Andrew's just gone to clear the head.
Mike: Christ, he'll be gone a while - we may as well have another beer!
by buckonz September 09, 2008
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the mindset of one who believes their own bullshit
bernie believes hes at a gym while incarcerated and is clear headed
by get up on my level May 12, 2016
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To be clear-headed (or clear-minded) is to remain in a state of mind where one is free of negative, irrational, anxious and desirous thoughts.

When you are clear-headed you feel calm, rational, and completely aware and focused on the present moment. You are not preoccupied with any heavy or extraneous thoughts. You do not react, instead you proact.

This state of mind can be commonly experienced after sexual intercourse or after an intense nourishing workout. Other reliable ways of becoming clear-headed include intermittent fasting, going on a ketogenic diet, meditating, and practicing mindfulness. Alternatively, practicing catharsis can induce a temporary clear-headed state.

Things that prevent one from becoming clear-headed include: browsing social media, reading the latest news, eating lots of unhealthy sugary foods, and staying indoors all day.

The opposite of clear-headedness is brain fog.
After upon sudden realization that his life was like a ball of tangled yarn, Tom had enough. Firstly, he cut off all the sugary snacks and drinks he'd been eating every day and started going on a keto diet. He then managed to work out at the gym at least 5 days a week. He also deleted all his social media apps and anything else that was a distraction to his life.

After a month, Tom was not only healthy physically, but he was also in a clear-headed mental state. He could think clearly and rationally, and nothing could agitate him anymore.
by UltimateDoge October 24, 2019
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Innocent, never will surrender, used as an expression in an email not to be taken as "surrender"
I'm sorta clear headed, and surrender.
by Gus Neave August 27, 2006
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