1. a chain of bookshops, called 'clc bookshops'

2. also a gang of pricks who think they're hard but really really aren't. 'clc' is commonly said to stand for 'cock loving chavs', but this is incorrect as they aren't really chavs. they're just dickheads.
it's funny that that bookshop is called clc books, because most of the clc can't read
by stephanie jolly February 17, 2008
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A 7 member South Korean girl group under Cube Entertainment. They started making music way before their debut in 2015, and have been working hard to climb the charts with their self-written songs.

Every member has been declared a visual, and the talent is real. CLC are bringing in money for their company and don't need help from anyone to do it.

Are doing incredible as artists despite Cube Entertainment giving them no promotions.
CLC recently won Asia's Rising Star Award, (G)idle on the other hand only win awards when no one else is nominated.
Kino: Wow aren't our big sisters, CLC so awesome?
Hui: Damn straight they are.

HyunA: A signed Black Dress Album ? ! CLC fighting ! ! !
by Jiwoo'sTalent July 5, 2018
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Clc is (one of) the most underrated kpop idols and kpop girl groups in general out there and if y'all don't stan them then what the hell are you doing with your lives? Don't you think it's time to stan somebody? Stan these TALENTED, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN.
Did you see how stable and awesome clc is live?????!!!!!!!
Omg you are so righttttttt i want them to murder me!!!!!!!
by Professionally chaotic March 17, 2020
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Stands for Corrective Learning Center which is a nicer phrase for In School Suspension.
Kevin got three days of CLC for pulling down that kids pants in gym.
by Jeff Johnson May 18, 2005
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James Spann(abc 33/40 cheif meteorologist) says, "Looks like we've got some CLC's in the area today."
by Dubsteppinbassdroppin May 4, 2021
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